Herpes Support Groups List of United States

Herpes Support Group
Herpes Support Group

Updated on 12/08/2017

Since the stigma of herpes, many newly diagnosed people do not know how to disclose their herpes status to other. They tend to join local herpes support group to find support or share their stories. Unfortunately, most of them can’t find it. Actually, almost every state in the United States has herpes support group or herpes social group. However, few people can find those “Secret” groups.  Those groups often use the terms like “Friends” in “Bay Area Friends” or “H Friends” or “H Club”, “Heeps”.  Many original herpes support groups can be found on Yahoo Group, Facebook, Meetup and other social platforms. The following are the online herpes support groups list in the United States we collected:

Alaska Herpes Support Group:

Meet Alaskans with HSV2 Meetup Group – 136 members


Arizona Herpes Support Group:

AZ Heeps Meetup Group – 223 members

Arizona Singles With Herpes Yahoo Group – 730 members

Tucson H Friends Yahoo Group – 469 members


California Herpes Support Groups:

Bay Area Friends (BAF) Meetup Group – San Francisco Bay Area – nearly 2000 members

SF Bay Area Gay Men with Herpes Yahoo Group – San Francisco Bay Area – 227 members

San Diego H Friends on Meetup – San Diego group, over 750 members

San Diego Friends Yahoo Group – San Diego , 778members

LA HELP Support Group on Meetup – is now combined with OC HELP on Meetup, 729 members

Southern California Friends Yahoo Group – All Southern California, 1072 members

Socials All Over Southern CA Meetup Group – All Southern California, 1,267 members.

Sac Friends Yahoo Group – Sacramento, 631 members.


Florida Herpes Support Groups:

Northern Florida H Friends Yahoo Group – not very active, 250 members.

Sarasota-Bradenton H Club  – 255 members

Tampa Bay H Club Yahoo Group – 1097 members


Georgia Herpes Support Groups:

Atlanta H Club Yahoo Group  – 2823 members


Illinois Herpes Support Groups:

Chicago Friends – “H” Social Group on Meetup , 834 members.

Illinois H Friends Yahoo Group – 784 members.


Kentucky Herpes Support Groups:

Louisville H Friends Yahoo Group – 332 members.


Louisiana Herpes Support Groups:

Louisiana H Friends – Yahoo Group – HSV and HPV Support for New Orleans and Louisiana, 211 members.


Massachusetts Herpes Support Groups:

Boston Herpes Social and Support Group – Includes links to Beantown Friends and Boston HELP (support group)


Michigan Herpes Support Groups:

People of Color – Michigan – African-American oriented social group, 463 members.

Minnesota Herpes Support Groups:

Twin Cities H Social Meetup Group  – 472 members.


Nevada Herpes Support Groups:

Northern Nevada Friends Yahoo Group – 245 members.

New Jersey Herpes Support Groups:

New Jersey Friends on Yahoo Groups – 534 members


New York Herpes Support Groups:

Herpes New York Yahoo Group – 1675 members

Herpes Information New York – Yahoo Group -1333 members

People of Color New York – African-American oriented social group, 457 members


North Carolina Herpes Support Groups:

Raleigh Triangle H Club Herpes Meetup Group – 533 members

Carolina H Club Yahoo Group – 331 members


Ohio Herpes Support Groups:

Club 437737 Meetup Group – Columbus – 144 members


Oklahoma Herpes Support Groups:

Oklahoma H Club Yahoo Group – 221 members


Pennsylvania Herpes Support Groups:

Philadelphia Friends Yahoo Group – 207 members


South Carolina Herpes Support Groups:

Carolina H Net Yahoo Group – 310 members


Texas Herpes Support Groups:

Austin H Friends on Meetup – 491 members

Austin Friends Yahoo Group – 856 members

Southern New Mexico and El Paso H Community on Meetup – includes El Paso, 638 members

San Antonio Friends Yahoo Group – also provides info on San Antonio HELP group, 692 members


Virginia Herpes Support Groups:

Virginia H Friends Yahoo Group – 511 members


Washington State Herpes Support Groups:

Seattle H Scene Meetup Group – 518 members

The groups above are all for herpes support. Some of them will hold the events for its members.  If you are singles and lucky enough, you may find your love through the events. However, the chance is rare. For herpes singles who want to find love and relationship,  herpes dating site is a good place that worth you to have a try.

Did not find the herpes support group in your area? Don’t worry! You may give a shot at PositiveSingles support community. With more than 1.2 million active members, the forum and blog of PositiveSingles are very active. You may find your answer there.