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HerpesDatingSupport.com is a nonprofit herpes info website that devotes to provide professional herpes knowledge and useful tips for people with herpes.

A report from CDC shows that one in five persons in the United States has genital herpes; however, as many as 90% are unaware that they have the virus. Many people with herpes have very mild herpes symptoms or even do not have herpes symptoms at all. Thus, the number of people who infected herpes has increased sharply in recent yeas due to the fast development of online dating.  

For the people who do not have herpes,  you can learn how to protect you and prevent from getting herpes.  For herpes people, you can learn :

The herpes symptoms

The herpes cure and treatment ;

How to relieve the discomfort when the score break out;

How to reduce the chance of your sex partner getting infected;

The stories of people fighting with herpes;


We know that many people who got herpes have encountered countless barriers in real social activities, especially for dating. We provide some herpes support groups and some reviews of top herpes dating sites for reference.

We deeply know that the information we provided is not far enough. It will be highly appreciated if you could send us your experience and story on fighting herpes or other useful information.  We will post your tips and stories on our site to help more people.




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